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Movie list

Our curated list of not-just-entertainment films that are worth watching.

Are you the kind of person that watches movies just for entertainment sake? Or do you look for something more in the films that you experience? Some movies are simply enchanted with insight and knowledge, being vehicles through which special messages are given to humanity. Do you have the eyes to see?

About Time2013
Atlas Shrugged (part 1 & 2)2011, 2012
August Rush2007
Being There1979
Big Fish2003
Dark City1998
Don Juan Demarco1994
Field Of Dreams1989
Forrest Gump1994
Gifted Hands2009
Good Will Hunting1997
Groundhog Day1993
Hachi: A Dog’s Tale2009
Holy Man1998
In Time2011
Source Code2011
The Adjustment Bureau2011
The Edge1997
The Hunger Games 1 and 22012, 2013
The Kid2000
The Legend Of Bagger Vance2000
The Man Who Knew Too Little1997
The Matrix Trilogy (Especially 1 and 2)1999, 2003
The Peaceful Warrior2006
The Silent Flute (Circle of Iron)1978
The Thirteenth Floor1999
The Truman Show1998
The World’s Fastest Indian2005
V for Vendetta2005
Wag the Dog1997

Someone once said…
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.