The Watermelon Man

Once upon a time there were two lands bordering one another; The Land Of The Fools, and The Land Of The Wise.

One day, some watermelon seeds fertilized a field in the Land Of the Fools. The watermelons began to grow. As soon as the people noticed them, they became curious. Their curiosity soon turned into sheer terror, for their field was infested with monsters! They did not know what to do.

Some naturally growing watermelons

With that, a man from the Land Of The Wise came to visit the Land Of The Fools.

They took the man to see the monsters. The man inspected the monsters cautiously, then realized he was looking at watermelons. He broke out with laughter and said, “Look!”. He ran into the field, chopped open one of the watermelons, and ate a piece. “There’s nothing to be scared of, it’s only watermelons!”, said he to the fools.

The fools were terrified. They started among themselves; “If he can kill the monsters, as well as eat it, what is he capable of doing to us?”. With that, they fetched their pitchforks and chased the man out of their land. The people continued being fearful of the strange monsters in their field.

Some weeks later, another man from the Land Of The Wise arrived in the Land Of The Fools. Again, the people showed him the monsters. The man considered the situation and said, “Indeed, one should be cautious of what one does not understand”. The people found him agreeable, and accepted him among them.

Over the course of a few weeks, the wise man very gradually revealed to the people what the monsters were, how to plant watermelon and even how to eat watermelon.