The Prodigal Son

Once upon a time, there was a Father who had two sons, whom he both loved dearly. One of the sons decided to set himself upon a journey out into The World. His father provided him with an allocation of life force to use upon his journey. And so, the son departed on his journey into The World.

The son traveled to many lands, encountered many nations and met many people. He had made wonderful friends, but also some fierce enemies. He had romances with fair girls, and learned to play the guitar. He experienced abundance but also loneliness. He encountered pain, but also dignity.

One day the son realized that his allocation of life force had been spent. Thus, after a long time of travelling in The World, the time had come for him to return home.

Upon his arrival, his Father rejoiced with happiness. He had a banquet feast prepared to celebrate the coming home of his son. His brother was also of high spirits at the return of his sibling, although somewhat jealous of the lavish reception.

The Father lovingly received his Son, sat him down at the banquet and said to him;

“My Son, you chose to venture out into the World.
The allocation of life force you have spent during your adventures.
You have had many experiences.
You have gathered many beautiful stories and pretty pictures.
Now, share them with me, and tell me about everything!”