Heaven and Hell

In life, you sometimes encounter things that just stick with you. For me, one of those things came in the form of a story from my grandmother. When I was about six years old, one day my grandmother told me a story about Heaven and Hell.

My grandmother explained to me that Hell is a room filled with people. Every day, food is served at a certain time. However, people must use these massively over-sized spoons. When the food arrives, all the people rushes to feed themselves, frantically scooping at the food with their big spoons. But in the rush and commotion, all the food ends up on the floor and nobody manages to eat anything.

My grandmother said that Heaven is very much the same as Hell, but that there is one difference. Every day when the food is served, instead of rushing to feed themselves, the people slowly and carefully feed each other. And so, everybody receives their portion to eat, their daily bread.