Singing Your Song

Each of us comes into this world with a very unique song in our hearts. It is a gift that we come to discover, experience and contribute. It is an essential part of who you are. Often, that song becomes buried deep within us as we move through life. We become consumed by the “10,000 things” and the “concerns of the world of daily affairs”.

Although your song can never be robbed from you, you can be robbed of the intent to sing it, to bring it out into the world and to demonstrate what you are about.

Perhaps you have forgotten your song. Maybe you have simply been distracted. The world can be rather good at distracting us. Rediscovering that song within your heart and demonstrating it is an important aspect of your freedom, as well as your happiness.

Whenever someone tells you what your song is, they are misleading you. Because they do not know, and they can not know. It is uniquely original to you and you alone. By having a purpose that comes from anywhere except within yourself, you are simply not singing your own Song.

In the film The Legend Of Bagger Vance, Junuh used to be an excellent golfer. However, he sort of lost himself after traumatic experiences during world war 1. Early on into this beautiful story, Bagger Vance turns up to assist Junuh to find his swing again, or rather his Song.

There are many movies on the Magical Movies list that touches upon this concept in various ways. Have you seen The Kid yet?