Have you ever considered what it really means to be truly Free? People use the term “Freedom” without giving thought to the actual meaning of the word.

Is Freedom a condition? A state? A quality? A gift? A Privilege? Perhaps it is all these things and so much more. Freedom can not be explained directly. You can’t be told what it is. It can only be attained, experienced. Is Freedom a journey, or a destination?

It is both. Through the journey, you discover what it is. By arriving at the destination, you realize the value of the journey. The steps of getting there are the qualities of being there.

You can not find the journey. When you ask yourself the question, “There has to be more to life”, the journey finds you. As you cultivate an unbending intent on Freedom, you embark on the journey.

What does Freedom look like?
Someone once said…
A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song