Category: Magical Stories

I Love Stories. They are amazing teachers. They contain experiences, concepts and ideas at many different resonances and many different viewpoints.

This is our Magical Stories section, to share, to reflect on and to simply enjoy.

The king and the poisoned well

There was once a wise king who ruled over a vast kingdom. He was feared for his might and loved for his wisdom. Now in the heart of the city, there was a well with pure and crystalline waters from which the king and all the inhabitants drank. When all were asleep, three witches entered the city and poured seven drops of a strange liquid into the well.

The Sheet Cult

One day, an incredible thing takes place.
A man is dressed only in a white sheet, with two holes for his arms and one hole for his head.
The man comes running through the village center, loudly shouting “haleeeeeeeeeeeee!”.

Heaven and Hell

In life, you sometimes encounter things that just sticks with you. For me, one of those things came in the form of a story from my grandmother. When I was about six years old, one day my grandmother told me a story about Heaven and Hell.

The Dark Prison with Three Walls

Once there was a prisoner who was jailed in a dark prison in what he thought was a great fortress. The cell was dark and damp. There was a tiny window with bars on it. The rest of the cell was so dark he could not see the other three walls. The only wall he could make out was the wall with the window in it. The only light the room received was from this window.

Ferodo Brake Pads

When I was an adolescent I had the great pleasure of working with a Sufi master. I was only beginning to play the game of life. At the time I did not realize the importance of the encounter I had with this man of knowledge. My background was that of Roman Catholic, and as I entered my adolescence I began to search for meaning beyond the boundaries of the church. A friend of mine, invited me to meet his uncle. This uncle, he said, was a Sufi who might be able to assist me, to start finding life changing answers to the questions I had.

The Mimi Spirits

Once there was a tour guide in Australia. He would take his clients, who where tourists, into remote areas of the Outback desert. One of the routes he would take his groups on featured some ancient rock paintings made by the Aboriginal peoples.

The Simple Man

Once upon a time there lived a simple man, whom which lived a simple life in a casual, carefree way. The simple man had received an invitation; he had been invited to the wedding. And so, the simple man embarked on an adventure. He traveled light, with no more than a light sack over his shoulder. Wandering along the forest road, he reached a crossroads where the road split into 3 paths. He did not know which way to follow, so he stood there for a moment, slightly perplexed at his situation.

The Watermelon Man

Once upon a time there were two lands bordering one another; The Land Of The Fools, and The Land Of The Wise. One day, some watermelon seeds fertilized a field in the Land Of the Fools. The watermelons began to grow. As soon as the people noticed them, they became curious. Their curiosity soon turned into sheer terror, for their […]