Category: Magical Musings

A variety of Magical Musings, Ideas and Concepts about Life, Living, Freedom and about embracing the Human experience.

Planet Earth

Somewhere in a far-flung, remote region of the unimaginably vast Milky Way galaxy, a blueish ball of life floats gracefully around a star. That star is our magnificent Sun. That blue ball of life is our planet Earth. On our planet Earth, life flourishes. We are part of that life.

The Power Of Words

Have you ever noticed that writing out a word is called “spelling” it? Hiding in plain sight, we find a curious play on the double meaning of the word “spell”. Spell – as in the noun – is something most people would delegate to the world of magic, superstition and fantasy.


Abundance is an integral part of your spirituality and of your experience both within and beyond this Human phase you find yourself in. Abundance is part of your birthright.

Singing Your Song

Each of us comes into this world with a very unique song in our hearts. It is a gift that we come to discover, experience and contribute. It is an essential part of who you are. Often, that song becomes buried deep within us as we move through life.